Monday, October 31, 2011

November? Seriously??

Not gonna lie, I totally love Halloween.

Not creepy-crawly-gory-scary-screamy Halloween, but warm-cozy-great-friends-fun-costumes-fabulous-parties-pumpkins-and-goodies Halloween.

Last night, after a visit from our one (yes, one) trick-or-treater, Braden and I curled up by the light of our pumpkin "owl" to watch some fun zombie-themed shenanigans together, putting the cherry on top of a perfectly fabulous Halloween weekend.

Thursday, my best-friend-forever came into town after 10 months of separation, and it was just heavenly to have her nearby!

(We get a little ridiculous when we're together)

Friday, we hosted our annual Autumn Masquerade Extravaganza!

(Can you guess who I am?)

(Think board games... childhood... sugary goodness...)

Give up? I'm Candyland's Queen Frostine!

(See the resemblance?)

(And 100 bonus points to anyone who can guess Braden's costume!)

Saturday evening, Braden and I enjoyed one of our fave October traditions - Columbia City Ballet's fabulous version of Dracula! (Which was seriously better than ever this year. I mean, they worked "Party Rock Anthem" into the choreography. How cool is that??) Followed by busting out Queen Frostine one more time for yet another costume bash. It was an incredible weekend. Wish you were here!

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