Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today was one of those days that was very fulfilling but extremely exhausting. I love the girls in my after-school clubs like crazy, but all of that middle and high school drama in large doses sometimes makes me feel like I've run a marathon by the end of the day.

Blessedly, I came home to a delightful gourmet meal whipped up by my priceless husband, (chicken piccata with angel hair pasta and steamed broccoli, in case you were wondering), a glass of cab-sav, and a steaming bath full of Mr. Bubble. (Why yes, I still buy Mr. Bubble.)


Sometimes it's just the dailiness of life that gets ya, you know? Work, laundry, grocery shopping, toilet scrubbing, etc. etc. etc.

I'm not so good at the mundane things. When given the choice between, say, folding towels and doing something outdoors or creative, I will always choose the latter. I have this desperate need to live every last moment to the absolute max, to make the most of every second of my day, which often makes me feel like the mundane things are just not necessary.

But they are. Eventually, food needs to be purchased. Clean clothes run out. Toilets do need cleaning. But it's all about balance. I never want to be that mom who is so focused on a spotless house that I don't just chill out and have fun with my kids. I never want to have a living room so impeccable that little folks can't build a fort in it with cushions and sheets. I want my home to be welcoming and lived-in, not sterile and flawless.

Balance. That's the key. I'm workin' on it.

But there are those moments, those precious, luscious slices of life that are meant for absolutely nothing but pure, unhindered, free-flying, indulgent joy.

The celebrations.

This weekend is going to be chock-full of 'em. A wedding, a baby shower, and a birthday party. All overflowing with love. All celebrations of life. I'm pretty excited about it.

I could go to a wedding every single day of my life. I don't think I would ever get tired of them. It just never gets old for me. Something I'm really looking forward to? The glorious day in December when the bells will ring for these folks, two of my absolute favorite people in the whole wide world.

(No, they're not married yet. This was taken at the bridal shower. Yes, that is a mariachi band in the background.)

Think St. Augustine, The Pirate Haus hostel, my entire family, (all 80-or-so of them. Really.), and dancing til we drop in my blue-Cinderella-ball-gown bridesmaid dress. It will truly be a weekend to remember.

Celebrate everything. Even the littlest moments are worth some extra joy.

With that, I leave you with some pictures from our weekend at the ren-fast; good times.

Oh yes. That is indeed us riding a camel. What more could you ask for on a Saturday afternoon?

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