Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

When you feel relaxed, unwound, and rejuvenated on a Sunday night at 11:48pm, I would say that's a sign of a good weekend.

Some highlights, stream-of-consciousness style:

We kicked Friday night off with our first visit to Smoke, (home of the above colorful swine), a killer BBQ joint out in the country. We sat at an outside picnic table by the glow of Christmas lights, listening to great live folk music, rubbing our arms against the early October chill, and breathing deep the heavenly aroma of roasting BBQ. (Oh, and eating AMAZING food.)

After much heavenly shut-eye, Braden and I greeted the absolutely glorious weather by walking (European style) to Cafe' Strudel for brunch. We picked out a choice patio table and downed many cups of coffee as we attempted to refine my (very poor) skills at chess.

We also managed to squeeze in some pizza and QT with this fine-lookin' couple.

And today I took a solo-trip to My Favorite Spot.

Want to take a gander?

These beautiful ruins of a Revolutionary War era textile mill are found right off the trail.

My spot is located deep in the woods by the Saluda river. It takes a little bit of hiking off the beaten path to get to it, and not once have I seen another soul there.

When the river's low enough, (like today), it's easy to hop across these rocks to the little island.

Once across, I climb over a fallen tree and pick out a suitable rock from which to take in the splendor.

The best time to come is in the late afternoon, when the sunlight slants through the trees just right, dappling the water and the leaves with sparkling gold light. Enjoy!


  1. Florida cannot even come close. Oh how I would love to have something so serene close to me.

  2. Aaaahhh... so peaceful! Watching that was a good way to start my morning. And I love the little quick snapshot of "the shoes"! :)