Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank you Punxsutawney Phil.

I know Groundhog Day is a rough one for ya, buddy. I know you spend most of your days all warm and snug in your comfy digs at a children's library, surrounded by the smell of books and the sounds of quiet story-times. Until that one cold winter's night a year when those crotchety old men in funny hats stuff you into a hole in Gobblers Knob, only to be accosted by thousands of screaming fans at the butt-crack of dawn the next day.


Poor Phil. I bet Groundhog Day is the most confusing day of the year for you.

But alas, you did not see your shadow this year.

And today, the temperature hit 80 degrees. In February.

Thanks Phil. I owe ya one.

The day started with a patio breakfast in the sunshine overlooking the city skyline with some mighty fine people = bliss. Then I found out we get a surprise 3 day weekend! Score! And since the weather was just so. completely. glorious. the drum circle/hoop-meet was unofficially moved outdoors for the first time this season! Drums and hooping (in shorts, no less) by the Congaree river under the light of an insanely breathtaking moon rise?

I could seriously make-out with Spring right about now.

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