Sunday, November 28, 2010

Afternoon transformation!

Do you ever get in one of those insatiably crafty moods, when you just need to create or decorate something?? I was in one of those moods today. So I decided to give my bathroom a complete afternoon overhaul.

And by overhaul, I mean as much as I could accomplish in a rented apartment with a $20 budget!


Not horrifying, but pretty boring, pretty blah. Seriously in need of some pizazz. (And apparently new light bulbs.)


The wall-art is from Target: $10 for a large sheet of re-positionable butterflies. I spray painted the basket a dark purple, and nabbed the hanging butterflies from another room of the house.

This is the same picture frame that was on the shelf before, just spray painted, embellished, and filled with a 50-cent piece of scrapbook paper. I also spray painted the candle holder.

Once again, framed scrapbook paper makes about the cheapest wall decor in the universe.

The candle sconce I already had in another room, I just painted it to match the plum-purple of all the other elements.

I painted the shelf and traded the white basket for a darker one I had laying around, adding the purple ribbon for extra color. The Taj I've had for ages, a gift from my BFF "because I read." ;) (Little inside joke there folks)

The lantern originally had plain glass panels, but I added some more of that fabulous scrapbook paper to make it more fun! The frame was $4 at Hobby Lobby.

Much less boring now, eh?

The back-splash needed some color, so I added, wait for it, more scrapbook paper! Love that stuff.

To add a really exotic feel, I added these lanterns from World Market on the curtain rod, for extra-relaxing tub soaks. They slide right over when the shower curtain needs to be closed.

Total items purchased:

-2 cans of purple spray paint
-4 sheets of scrapbook paper
-1 picture frame
-1 sheet of butterfly decals

Total cost: less than $20.

Total time spent: about 4 hours.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

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  1. love it friend! this is so you! you are so creative :)