Sunday, September 12, 2010

Highlight Reel

Summer, you have been amazing. Growing up in Florida, I had little appreciation for the glory that is you: the warmest, sunniest, outdoorsiest season of the year. Now, I think i've learned to fully savor all of your seasonal specialness.

Some of the highlights:

1. Beach days.

The gals and I, (and baby Bonam, a bun in the oven on the far right), took a spontaneous day trip to Charleston and had an absolute ball. We swam in the bath-warm water, stretched out in the sand, read great books, and topped it all off with a spectacular roof-top dinner and hours of moon-lit girl talk on the Battery (and plenty of junk food and great music for the very, very late drive home.)

2. Mountains.

Braden planned a surprise trip for us for our 4th wedding anniversary and took me here:


During our mountain exploration, I decided to brave the icy mountain waters and fulfill a childhood dream by sliding down Sliding Rock. Braden voted for taking pictures from the overlook, rather than taking the plunge. Can you tell it's chilly?

We had a lovely anniversary dinner at Twigs in Blowing Rock. The waitress was kind enough to take a picture to prove we were actually on the trip together.

Just a run-of-the-mill view from the Blueridge Parkway. You know, no biggie.

A not-so-windy Blowing Rock. (Which is probably a good thing, considering my treacherous perch.)

Oh I love that man.

3. Waterfalls and family.

My precious fam came to visit for the 4th of July. Since my mom has been tragically mountain-starved since moving to South Florida 28 years ago, we just had to make a day trip. This is Looking Glass Falls, (before Ian and I jumped in for a swim.)

Gotta love my trusty Five Fingers.

Ian's first time seeing mountains in all his 9 years!

4. I got to be a mermaid.

'Nough said.


Fabulous weather, fabulous music, fabulous ladies. Me and my girl Jubilee made the drive to Charlotte on a weeknight for all of this fabulousness. Was I tired the next day at work? Absolutely. Was it totally worth it? You know it!

6. Going home.

Braden and I made the 8 hour drive back home to So-Flo for Labor Day weekend. It was magic. We went to the beach every day. And of course, my gorgeous mom and I got in some serious gab-time over Dunkin Donuts coffee.

On our last morning there, we made one last stop at the beach. It was impromptu, so I didn't have my swimsuit with me. This is me taking a dip in my clothes.

7. Sunrises over the Atlantic.

Morning starlight. Dolphins. Pink clouds. Dancing sandpipers. 10,000 no-see-um bites.


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