Saturday, September 11, 2010

A fresh start.

I started this blog about a year ago with the very best intentions.

Clearly, I've fallen off the wagon.

But now it's time for a fresh start.

I really want to get back in the habit of regularly posting my random scribblings regarding the world at large on the interwebs - especially since I narrate every moment of my life in my head as if I were living in a novel anyway. Sign of insanity? Possibly. But I'm hoping it's a common trait of those of us with a creative bent.

A few things:

1. I've decided that I get to live on the coolest street in Columbia. (State Street that is, in case you were wondering.) We're a moment's drive away from downtown, but surrounded by woods so it always feels so quiet and peaceful. Walking distance from the river, a grocery store, Cafe' Strudel (more on that gloriousness in a moment), and now a brand-new, super funky tea bar. Plus the whole property we live on is just swimming in cool history, gorgeous old buildings, and even some ghost stories. If there's a more awesome place to live in Cola, I have not yet seen it.

2. Cafe' Studel. ~Groan of delight~ Those of you who know me and my hubs know it's our very favorite weekend ritual to eat a spectacular, lazy, lingering brunch at Cafe' Strudel while sipping bottomless cups of the best coffee I've ever tasted. (Preferably out of the most amusing mug presently available.) It's like eating at home. You seat yourself, and the coffee bar is self-serve, so you can just stroll in like you own the place, pour yourself a steaming cup, (try the "sticky bun"), and then find your favorite table to linger at for as long as you please. I dig the upstairs window table with the perfect view of the city skyline. Today, the husband was out working on a motorcycle, so I did brunch solo. Cinnamon pancakes, fresh-roasted coffee, and an issue of Conde Nast Traveler. Bliss.

P.S. I'll be needing to go here as soon as possible:

Have you heard of the Andaman Islands off the coast of India? Neither had I. Apparently, this fine, friendly elephant lives on the beach of one of these gloriously exotic dots on the map, and spends his days eating bananas and swimming in the crystal-clear water. If you visit, you can go for a swim with him! (Adding that to my bucket list right now.)

3. This summer has been amazing. And way too short. Is it seriously September? Details to come in my next entry.

I leave you with this: some of my goals for the rest of 2010! I'm hoping that by making them known to you all, my friends in the blogosphere, I will be forced to complete them for fear of public shame.

-Blog weekly, at least.

-Finish at least one of my writing projects and start submitting them to publishers.

-Learn how to use my husband's awesome camera and start doing some photojournalism.

-Finish that painting that's been sitting on the easel in my living room for weeks.

-Go kayaking a few times while the weather's still warm.

-Take one last beach trip with the girls before fall sets in.

-Get some more hours in learning to drive the motorcycle.

-Organize the top of my dresser.

...More to come ;)

(Update as of 9/12/10: Dresser is organized! Those of you who know me know how absolutely stunning it is that I managed to tackle that first. Be proud.)

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