Friday, July 29, 2011


Do you remember that song "Shackles" by Mary Mary?

One of the dance teams in the hip-hop company I used to be a part of had a killer routine to this song, so between rehearsals, shows, and practices, I've literally heard "Shackles" about a thousand times between high school and now.

The other day, while I was out running some errands for work, this old-school danceable gem popped up on the radio. So I cranked up the volume and started having a marvelous time bustin' it out in my car.

And then something I did not expect happened: I burst into tears. Suddenly, I am just sobbing in my car! After hearing that song a bazillion times, something completely new pierced right to my heart:

I used to be bound. A prisoner. A captive. I was never free.

But then something amazing happened - Jesus stepped in and rescued me. He took the shackles off my feet so I can DANCE!

Perhaps the truth of this song has always resonated with you, but for me, it took hearing that oh-so-grooveable tune for the bazillion-and-oneth time in my car on steaming hot summer day, ending with pouring my heart out to the Lord through my tears. Thank you Jesus, thank you!

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