Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colorful inspiration

Since last night, my living room floor has been covered in a thick layer of this:

It may seem like a mess, but as it involves projects-in-progress, I consider it positive fung shui. I recently discovered this absolutely delightful blog: Color Me Katie, and I was completely inspired by her fun use of brightly colored paper to routinely transform her living space. Cheap, fun, and removable - brilliant! So I've basically been pulling a crazed Edward Scissorhands for the last 24 hours. The results thus far:

This super-fun brightening of the wall around my closet door:

This fine feathered friend in the guest bathroom:

And a full-wall flock in the living room!

I think there is much more papered-craziness still to come. I bought a 200 pack of multi-colored card stock last night, so this could get a little ridiculous.
(All I used for these projects was paper, scissors, and masking tape.)

Also, I braved crazy traffic to take this picture in the middle of a busy road today:

These people put this pair of robots out on their balcony for every holiday. I almost spit out my lime-aid when I saw their take on Easter.

You're welcome.

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