Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's easy to find beauty and awe in the extraordinary things: a majestic mountain view, a vivid sunset, an ancient canyon, the infinite sea, or the fresh vista of a new country seen for the first time.

But how about the extra-ordinary things? You know, the stuff we experience on a daily basis, the mundane*, the routine, and the common miracles.

*When I first typed that, I accidentally wrote "mundance." Huh. Cool turn of phrase. Perhaps I will use this word when finding the "dance" in the everyday "mundane."

When was the last time you sank into your bed at night with thankfulness and delight? Reveling in the softness of the sheets, the warmth, the coziness, and the impending refreshment?

When you awake, notice the way the morning sun shines through your windows. The shocking blue of the Autumn sky on your way to work. The heavenly aroma of brewing coffee. The vibrant colors of the turning leaves.

What an extraordinarily beautiful world we live in.

I got to feel a much-loved and greatly-anticipated baby kick my hand tonight. My future nephew. I waited and waited for the little guy to move, and then POW! What a miracle. A whole new human life about to enter the world.

Let the scales of the everyday fall off your eyes; after that happens, it will be all you can do not to gasp in amazement every moment of every day.

Be entranced, be enchanted, and be amazed.

Enjoy the mundance ;)

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