Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"I think it was a combination of kiwis and stress."

Today was a weird day. Kicked off by a very surprising intolerance to something I've always loved: kiwis.

After years of eating these delicious green gems almost daily, my body has decided to completely rebel against them. Now, within minutes of ingestion, I am crippled with unbearable stomach pain unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Which is exactly what happened this morning. Which is why I didn't make it in to work until 1:00pm.

Combined with the hefty (understatement) dose of personal stress that was also ladled upon us this morning, let's just say that the day got off to a rough start.

But now, the day is drawing to a close. I'm sitting on my back porch surrounded by candles, incense, and moonlight. Crickets are serenading me with an exceptionally enthusiastic chorus, and the air is the absolute perfect temperature for lingering. Even though today had its share of uncertainty and tears, all I can see now are the incredible blessings that God has absolutely lavished onto my life.

1. The man of my dreams.

Not to delve too deep into "sap" territory, but I have, unequivocally, the most incredible husband in the world. I managed to land a man who is strong, tender, loving, and hilarious. He is kind. He is creative. He is romantic. And he is brilliant. This is the guy who reads Dostoevsky, Rand, and ancient philosophy on the beach. This is the guy who can seek out the one person in the crowd who feels out of place, the one who no one else wants to talk to, and make them feel like a million dollars. This is the guy who turns into a little kid around animals (who also happen to love him relentlessly in return.) This is the guy who will cuddle for hours, talking and laughing and just being together. He loves to cook. He loves to organize. And he tells me how beautiful he thinks I am every single day.

Basically, he's a complete rockstar.

Yesterday marked six years since the day we met. The moment I laid eyes on him, the words "The One" flashed through my mind. (True story.) Since then, my life has never been the same.

...More blessings to come tomorrow, as I am sleepy and could be at this for hours :)

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