Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shattered Illusions

So the other day, I decided to go for an invigorating jog by the river. (One of my favorite things about our new place is its proximity to water - an absolute necessity for a displaced beach bum like myself.) A little ways down the path, I discovered a lovely little pebbled beach surrounded by willow trees that descended gently into a very shallow part of the Congaree. Since I was thoroughly toasty from my run and conveniently happened to be wearing my amphibious feet shoes*, the desire to wade through the refreshing water and find myself a comfortable rock to recline upon was simply irresistible. A suitable rock was found (complete with hardy shade trees) and while I was scaling its face, I felt a very sharp stinging sensation on my knee. Startled, I looked down at once expecting to find the offending bee, wasp, or horsefly to swat away. To my great surprise, I found no such thing. To my even greater surprise, the offending creature that was currently knawing upon my leg was, in fact, a lady bug.

Yes. A lady bug.

A dainty, innocent, polka-dotted lady bug. Was anyone else aware that lady bugs could bite?? If so, why has this information not been made known to the general public? This is a great new danger of our time my friends. Charming and beloved woodland creatures have begun to strike back. What's next? Maulings by fawns? Death by dolphins? Bunny rabbits attacking small children in their sleep? Beware fellow nature lovers. Apparently, danger is cuter than you think...

*Vibram Five Fingers, http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/

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